During this challenging time for our clients and this practice, we have taken all necessary steps to operate remotely.

We will continue to provide all our clients with an effective service in these difficult times.

All of our meetings will be converted into telephone conferences or video conferences and we are fully set up in this regard.

Our aim is to continue to help you to protect your people and your businesses in order to survive and aid recovery. We continue to work with leading employment law barristers in order to provide you with reassurance and clarity to interpret the everchanging employment landscape. We will also continue to ensure you are receiving the latest and best advice possible as this becomes available.

We are currently advising clients (both employers and employees) on many urgent issues due to COVID-19 and here is a sample of some of them:

  1. Is laying off staff a breach of trust and confidence if Furlough Leave is available?
  2. Can you force an employee to take Furlough Leave?
  3. Does it have to be agreed between the parties?
  4. Does the 80% include pension and employer's NICs?
  5. Can an employer rotate Furlough Leave amongst staff, and can the employer and employee dip in and out of it to suit the changing needs of the business?
  6. Is it a breach of trust and confidence if the employer does not 'top up' the extra 20%?
  7. Does holiday pay accrue during Furlough Leave?
  8. Will it be unfair if an employer makes someone redundant rather than placing them on Furlough Leave?
  9. How do you deal with employees who object to their colleagues getting 80% of pay on Furlough Leave when they still have to work?  
  10. How is salary calculated for those with irregular earnings?  
  11. Can employees on long-term sick announce they want to return to work, to take advantage of the Furlough Leave scheme?
  12. What is the scope for fraud (e.g. an employer suddenly employing family members, or increasing the entire workforce's salary for 3 months while the government is paying)?
  13. What are the changes to SSP?  Is a self-isolating vulnerable employee entitled to company sick pay?
  14. Can an employer impose a lay-off clause?
  15. How do zero-hour workers and agency staff fit into all this?

Our team can be contacted as follows: David Rumm on 07899 865909 and rumm@rummlaw.co.uk ; Navraj Rai on 07876 140121 and rai@rummlaw.co.uk or Maxine Hemmings on 07741 644- 885 and hemmings@rummlaw.co.uk.

We look forward to continuing to advise during this uncertain time and we hope you all keep safe and well.

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